We supply a full range of specialized electromechanical components for construction of integrated customized system.

Accessories for protection of electronic equipment:

  • Structural elements (enclosures) for radio electronic equipment and systems protection, specialized chassis for CPCI, VME, VPX, ATCA, PICMG systems produced by such well-known manufacturers as


  • Cabinets for protection against external factors – different equipment operating conditions require special For example, installation of cabinets on mobile chassis requires application of special reinforced frames, vibration-absorbing units, climate and ventilation systems, moreover, usage of high-density computing devices within the data centers requires improvement of electromagnetic compatibility characteristics, easing serviceability and heat abstraction. Outdoor cabinets are notable for their special walls with improved environment insulation characteristics, double walls are often used to reduce heat loss, many cabinets meet the requirements for dust and moisture protection IP 65 and above. There is a whole group of climate systems (air conditioners, heaters, humidity stabilization systems) for outdoor cabinets.

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  • Buttons, switches, joysticks – we offer a wide range of special protected buttons in stainless cases with a combination of indication and alarm functions for standard mounting diameters (16, 19, 22+ mm)

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  • Connectors, terminals – we mainly focus on protected solutions that correspond rigid industrial standards. For industrial equipment, we supply standardized cylindrical connectors M8, M12, M23 for working with field buses, sensors, actuators with quick connection function of on-site installation with no special tool required. Some projects require quite popular solutions that meet MIL-DTL-38999 group of standards, which are an alternative to the domestic connectors of RMD/RMG series. The range of available connectors allows transmission of any kind of signals: high-speed communication interfaces (RS), group of Ethernet standards (Profibus, EtherCat, Profinet, Industrial Ethernet), optical and power interfaces.

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