The process control system perceives the effects of environmental factors and controlled parameters through sensors and converters.

Sensors can perceive, measure and transform both the parameter of the environmental influence (temperature, pressure, distance, electrical quantities), and the state of the environment or parameter (approximation, illumination, state of contact groups, etc.). Sensors are diverse in purpose, operational principles, application environment, and degree of protection. The type of output interface – relay, discrete or analog (current – voltage) is an important parameter for sensors. In recent years,  the sensors with digital interfaces for data transmission via communication buses PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Interbus, CANopen, etc. have been widely used.

Converting modules are often used in order to bring signals from the sensors to the normalized level or to provide electrical isolation between the sensor and the computer. They provide the necessary level and form of signals and protect the equipment from interference, voltage pulses and eliminate the mutual influence of sensors and equipment.


  • sensors for measuring and monitoring the position (for example, inductive, capacitive proximity sensors, linear position sensors, encoders, inclinometers);
  • sensors for measuring physical parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, weight, force and deformation).

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