Modern process control systems operate at large enterprises, connecting various branches and production sites of companies into one system. In order to connect all the elements into one structure, communication devices such as SWITCHES, ROUTERS, data gateways (GATEWAYS), protocol converters, serial interfaces servers, line extenders, media converters, communication line protection devices are used. Industrial networks, despite the widespread use of standard network protocols, differ from conventional communication networks by the availability of support for special protocols for backup, dispatching, and management of remote equipment.

The most widespread networks are based on ETHERNET technologies with add-ons that allow to guarantee the processing of events in real time, increase the capacity and reliability of the communication network, and provide additional tools for managing, monitoring and setting up the network.

The conditions for the use of industrial communication devices also impose a limitation on the design, sealing capabilities, protection from electromagnetic influences, and compliance with industrial standards.

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